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Pay Online

Tenants can now use Paylease to pay rent online. Please view the details below with information regarding the payment options and what fees they include.

Pay Online

Pay Lease


E-check (ACH) debit from checking/savings account: $2.95

Visa/American Express/MasterCard/Discover (Debit or Credit Card): 3.5%-4% per transaction - put the payment into Paylease to find the exact fee

When paying through Paylease, all application fees should be paid using property "Office: 1325 Millersport Hwy". If you are making any other payments (security deposit and/or rent), please be sure to make a separate transaction and use the property for which you will be renting.

Maintenance (Non-Emergency)

Service Requests are handled by our well trained and experienced staff. You can get the Service Request Form from the rental office or you can download the form by clicking on the link below. Please submit the form to the rental office so that your request can be taken care of as soon as possible. Please email or call our office if in doubt.

Printable Work Order Form (Non-Emergencies)

Below is a form you can download and drop off or send to the office for any non-emergency work orders. Please note on the form whether we have permission to enter your apartment or not if you are not there when we come to do maintenance.

Click here to download the form

Note: Repairs requiring tenant presence will take longer to complete because appointments will have to be scheduled that are coordinating both the tenant's and maintenance worker's schedules.

Online Work Order Form (Non-Emergencies)

Fill out the form below in order to submit your work orders online. The information will be emailed directly to our office work order coordinator. Your maintenance issues will be added to our work order list, to be completed as soon as possible by our maintenance staff.

    First Name

    Last Name




    Apartment Number




    Do we have permission to enter if you aren't home?

    Service needed:

    Maintenance (Emergency)

    Emergency service and/or repairs are required for any maintenance problem occurring after normal working hours, that, if not corrected immediately, would affect the health, safety, or welfare of the residents of the complex or additional damage to the complex.

    The following can help you to understand what an “emergency” requiring immediate attention is, and what can wait until regular business hours.


    Gas leak or gas odor: Call National Fuel immediately at 1(800)444-3130. They will come out and inspect the line, and make any repairs necessary (for free).

    Water leak (leak is coming through ceiling and/or walls): Call emergency line

    No heat (only when the heat is 65 degrees or below in apartment): Call emergency line

    No hot water: Call emergency line

    Frozen pipes: Call emergency line

    Structural failure: Call emergency line

    No electric in entire apartment (after resetting break and calling electric company to check for outages): Call emergency line

    Broken window that is open to the outside (fee may apply depending on cause): Call emergency line

    Fire: Call 911 immediately. Call emergency line

    Sewer is backing up (fee may apply depending on cause): Call emergency line

    Non-Emergencies (wait until regular business hours to call in work orders):

    Lockouts: Call a locksmith (or call the emergency line – $70.00 fee – must be paid at time service is rendered)

    Stove not working: Call maintenance during business hours, do not use until maintenance looks at stove

    Garbage disposal/under the sink is leaking: Place a pan/bucket under to catch leak, do not use sink until maintenance looks at leak

    Garbage Disposal is not working at all: Do not use garbage disposal or sink until maintenance looks at it, call in work order during normal business hours

    Burnt out light bulbs: Regular light bulbs in apartments are the tenant’s responsibility, for other lights in apartment or complex - call in work order during normal business hours

    Washer/Dryer not working: Put a sign on the machine saying “Out of Order”; call in work order during normal business hours

    Closet doors aren’t working/fell off track: Call in work order during normal business hours

    Dripping Faucet: Call in work order during normal business hours

    Stove burners are not working: Do not use broken burners, call in work order during normal business hours

    Toilet is running water: Call in work order during normal business hours

    Dishwasher is not working: Do not use it until maintenance looks at it, call in work order during normal business hours.

    It is the tenant’s responsibility to consult the above guidelines before calling the emergency number for service. Non-emergency calls will be disregarded until regular business hours.

    To report work orders, call 716-631-0555 during normal business hours (Monday – Friday 8:00-4:30).

    To report work orders during non-business hours that are emergencies, call 716-631-0555. Buffalo Alarm will answer.